Eagles given 11-1 odds of winning Super Bowl

It's never too early to bet on football -- right, all you gambling degenerates? -- especially if you want to get half-decent odds on who will win the Super Bowl.

The early betting line from sportsbook.com gives the Eagles 11-1 odds of winning Super Bowl XLIV. The New England Patriots are the favorites at 4-1. Eagles' NFC East rivals the N.Y. Giants are 9-1, with the Dallas Cowboys 12-1. Here are the odds on some other teams:

Pittsburgh Steelers, 15-2.
Indianapolis Colts, 11-1.
San Diego Chargers, 12-1.
Minnesota Vikings, 15-1.
Chicago Bears, 16-1.
Tennessee Titans, 16-1.
Arizona Cardinals, 20-1.
New Orleans Saints, 20-1.
Washington Redskins, 25-1.
Miami Dolphins, 28-1.

See you in Vegas.