Update: Eagles not Toronto-bound


As reported elsewhere, the Eagles will not be playing football in the Great White North this coming season.

It had been reported (see below) that the Eagles road game at Buffalo was going to be played in Toronto on either Nov. 13 or Nov. 20. But that report was erroneous, a source confirmed.

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So the Eagles -- and a few thousand (hundred?) brave Eagles fans -- will shuffle off to Buffalo, as originally expected.

The full NFL schedule is still slated to released tonight at 7 p.m.


The NFL won't release its full regular season schedule until later tonight, but details are starting to emerge about certain games, one of which involves the Eagles.

For their road game against the Bills, the Eagles will not play in Buffalo but rather in Toronto on either Nov. 13 or Nov. 20, according to the Fan 590 in Toronto.

Our friends over at ProFootballTalk.com relayed the report and made mention of the fact that Canada has strict rules on the admission of felons into the country, which could affect Eagles quarterback Michael Vick's entrance.

I'm not sure the league would go ahead and make such a decision without checking into such matters. Even so, I can't imagine Canada denying Vick entry and opening itself up for criticism or embroiling itself in controversy.

It seems like a very minor consideration.

The rest of the Eagles regular season scheduled will be announced tonight at 7 p.m.