Eagles trade Isaac Sopoaga to Patriots

Isaac Sopoaga. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

The Eagles traded nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga to the New England Patriots before Tuesday's trade deadline. 

Sopaoga was packaged with a sixth-round pick for a fifth-round pick in this upcoming draft.

Sopoaga, 32, was signed this offseason to be the team's starting nose tackle. He made $3.25 million from Eagles, including a $2.75 million signing bonus and half of his $1 million salary. He played 8 games, had 18 tackles, and played 39% of defensive snaps.

Is the Isaac Sopoaga trade good for the Eagles?

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The trade opens an opportunity for younger linemen such as Bennie Logan, Clifton Geathers, and Damion Square. However, Sopoaga's signing was a failure for the Eagles, even if there was not much commitment beyond this season. He only played in running downs, and the team barely needed him halfway through the season.