Eagles trade Isaac Sopoaga to Patriots

Isaac Sopoaga. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

The Eagles traded nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga to the New England Patriots before Tuesday's trade deadline. 

Sopaoga was packaged with a sixth-round pick for a fifth-round pick in this upcoming draft.

Sopoaga, 32, was signed this offseason to be the team's starting nose tackle. He made $3.25 million from Eagles, including a $2.75 million signing bonus and half of his $1 million salary. He played 8 games, had 18 tackles, and played 39% of defensive snaps.


Is the Isaac Sopoaga trade good for the Eagles?

The trade opens an opportunity for younger linemen such as Bennie Logan, Clifton Geathers, and Damion Square. However, Sopoaga's signing was a failure for the Eagles, even if there was not much commitment beyond this season. He only played in running downs, and the team barely needed him halfway through the season.