Eagles starter for Sunday unclear

Eagles quarterback Michael Vick scrambles against the Falcons in the first quarter on Sunday night. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles have not yet met with Michael Vick this morning -- at least as of noon -- as they urged the quarterback to rest after suffering a concussion Sunday night.

Eagles trainer Rick Burkholder said Vick was "very far along" last night on the plane ride home and telling teammates he was OK, but the quarterback still has to clear a series of tests to be declared ready to return to football. Those tests will likely take a few days, at least. Burkholder would not put a specific time frame on how long he expects it to take. Obviously any setbacks could change the timetable for Vick's return.

Typically coaches prefer to have their starting quarterbacks practicing on Wednesdays, when game plans are installed, but Reid noted that Vick saw plenty of looks from the Giants in two games against them last season.

If Vick is unable to play Sunday against the Giants, it's not clear who will start. Vince Young is still "making progress" in recovering from his hamstring injury, Reid said. "Is he 100 percent? He's getting close."

Reid would not say if Mike Kafka had done enough Sunday to earn a start if Vick is out.

Reid criticized himself for being "way, way too conservative" with his play calls when Kafka first entered the game. He said the play calling sent the wrong message to his team.

How much confidence do you have in Mike Kafka if Michael Vick and Vince Young can’t play against the Giants?

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On other issues:

-- Reid said he received an apology from NBC for not showing a replay more quickly of a third quarter Falcons interception that appeared to be dropped. But he said his team had plenty of chances to "take care of business" after that play. (And he's right: the Eagles were still up by 10 in the fourth quarter).

-- Talking about the run defense late in the game Reid said "there are some things we can learn about gap responsibility." Asked specifically about middle linebacker Casey Matthews, he said the rookie made some plays, but had a few he'd like back.

-- Reid said he did not anticipate making any changes to his defensive line up.

-- Reid would not comment in detail on Dunta Robinson's hit on Jeremy Maclin. He said he trusts the NFL to make the right decision on any discipline.

-- On the big fumble inside the Atlanta 10, on which a defensive linemen rushed unblocked onto Vick, Reid said the play call was intended to fool the lineman, and make him take a different angle. The lineman didn't bite. Reid put the blame on himself for the call.