Eagles release Weaver

The Eagles released fullback Leonard Weaver on Thursday after he failed to pass a physical. (Yong Kim/Staff file photo)

The Eagles released popular fullback Leonard Weaver, saying he failed a physical today.

Weaver, big, powerful but friendly, suffered an awful knee injury in last year's season opener. He was due $2.5 million this year. The Eagles will have to pay him $1 million of guaranteed money, according to his agent, Harold Lewis.

In a series of posts, Weaver wrote this on Twitter:

"Now I have mixed feeling about that because I gave everything I had to the organization, and I would think that they would atleast call.... And Let me know what was going on, but as I have learned over the years fans, business is business. I wish the best for the Philadelphia Eagles. I will miss the fans and friends that I have developed over the years. Eagle nations and all of Philly, thank you for your love and support and the prayers."

Weaver would not have been able to play this year -- he is still 6 to 8 months away from having full range of motion in his foot, which was also damaged, Lewis said. But he said Weaver still hopes to get back to the NFL.

"By next year he should be fine," Lewis said.

When Weaver's ready, Lewis said he'd love to return to Philadelphia. He praised the Eagles for giving the fullback such a large contract in the first place, and said Weaver's release was "sad for both sides."

Weaver is known for his charitable work and sunny disposition. Many reporters describe him as one of the most enjoyable athletes to cover and interact with.

The Eagles also released defensive tackle Jeff Owens, who suffered a severe knee injury in his only NFL game, wide receiver Jeremy Williams, cornerback Gerard Lawson and defensive tackle Jeremy Clark. Owens and Williams also failed their physicals.