Eagles refute 'conspiracy' about Michael Vick's recovery, insist Vick is starting QB

Amid conflicting reports about Michael Vick's status, the Eagles said on Friday that Michael Vick has "plateaued" on the fourth stage of his concussion recovery, but that he has not regressed and the team has no intent in the process other than to get Vick healthy.

“There’s no conspiracy here,” team trainer Rick Burkholder said. “As the gatekeeper of these guys, he’s not going to play until he gets past baseline, gets through the five phases.”

 Vick has not been able to pass the ImPACT test, the most recent of which he took Friday. The team has explored why he has struggled with the test, which measures cognitive function. They learned that he's having issues with his eye movement and visual tracking, which affects his balance centers. The Eagles are rehabbing those areas and expect a better result on Monday.

Coach Andy Reid refuted an ESPN report that the Eagles are playing politics and that Vick believes he's is ready to play.

“There’s nothing to that,” Reid said. “I’ve talked to Michael and Michael’s good. I don’t know where things getting started. But Michael’s fine with it. He understands everything’s in the best interest of him right now.”

Vick has not been made available to speak to reporters, but Reid insists that Vick is still the Eagles quarterback.

“Michael’s the quarterback of this team," Reid said. "Until I tell you different, that’s how I feel. And Mike knows that.”


- The Eagles have listed center Dallas Reynolds and defensive tackle Fletcher Cox as questionable. Cox, who had a death in the family, will meet the team in Dallas.

- The Eagles promoted Marvin McNutt to the active roster. They have not made a decision their final roster spot.