Eagles pass rush non-existent and other Inkys

It's time to hand out the Inkys again. There will be a lot of Stinkys for the Eagles after they lost to the Chicago Bears, 30-24, Monday night and fell to 3-5 on the season. Let's not waste any time.

- Worst player. Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie may be the most over-hyped player in Eagles history. The nickel cornerback has yet to make a play all season, unless you want to count his missed tackles and lifeless effort as plays for opposing teams. Let me channel the majority of Eagles fans when I write, "WHY IS THIS GUY STILL PLAYIN?!?!?" Rodgers-Cromartie should be benched, Joselio Hanson should go back to playing the nickel and BraGndon Hughes should be the dime. Done.

- Best effort. Brian Rolle dispelled the notion that an Eagles linebacker can't be a playmaker when he forced a Matt Forte fumble, scooped up the football and ran 22 yards for a touchdown. OK, it was only one play, but for the first time this season the linebackers weren't the worst part of the defense in an Eagles loss.

- Worst unit. That would be the Eagles' defensive line. Jim Washburn's front four is allowed to have one down game, but, boy, they stunk it up last night against what many considered to be the worst offensive line in the league. The Eagles recorded zero sacks. Zero. Ends Jason Babin and Darryl Tapp also took costly penalties. Who would have thought Juqua Parker would be missed so much?

- Worst injury. Asante Samuel suffered a lacerated groin in the first quarter. It hurt to write that. The Eagles cornerback actually returned and put forth a solid effort, but Samuel said after the game that it was the most pain he ever felt in his career. Still, it begs the question: what's more painful: A lacerated groin or watching this Eagles team?

- Worst tandem. DeSean Jackson and Jeremy Maclin came up small in a game when big-time receivers find some way to get it done. Jackson finished with just two catches for 16 yards and muffed a punt that the Bears turned into seven points. Maclin was a little better receiving, snagging four catches for 63 yards, but he had one drop and couldn't pick up the key first down when he fell to turf short of the sticks late in the fourth quarter. To be fair, Michael Vick's throw wasn't where it should have been.

- Worst decision. A fake punt with nine minutes left when you're down three? Really? If Chas Henry completes his pass to a wide-open Colt Anderson, I guess Andy Reid would have been hailed a genius. But the punter didn't and, well, what do you expect from a punter? Maybe Reid thought that he should rest the game's outcome on Henry's arm since Vick was so erratic.