Eagles in the a.m. -- Aug. 26


Are you going to Flight Night? And if you are, what do you think of the event?


- There are four quarterbacks and three roster spots, and the decision is not as easy as it once appeared:

Michael Vick is the $100 million franchise quarterback. Nick Foles is the promising third-round pick who has captivated fans during the preseason. Both will make the roster. Mike Kafka or Trent Edwards are left to fill the other spot, and the answer doesn't seem as clear as it was when camp opened.

- Cullen Jenkins has been lining up at defensive end for a reason, and that reason could help illustrate the direction of the Eagles' defensive line, Jeff McLane writes:

What defensive coordinator Juan Castillo and defensive line coach Jim Washburn are likely trying to do is improve a run defense that was often exposed with Babin on the outside. Even when Babin returns from a calf injury there's a strong chance that Jenkins will continue to scoot outside on obvious run downs.

- Andy Reid has avoided quarterback controversies, but pay attention to what he does if he faces one, writes Bob Ford:

Should that scenario play out, and it is far from unlikely, it will be fascinating to see how Reid handles it. He protected and deflected for McNabb for so long that it became second nature. Most of the time, of course, he was right. McNabb was his best option.


The Eagles currently have a closed walk-through. Andy Reid will address reporters at noon. The team has Flight Night tonight at 7:30, open to fans at Lincoln Financial Field.