Eagles in the a.m. -- Aug. 22


If Michael Vick was healthy enough to play next week, would you play him in hopes of seeing more of what he could do? Answer and discuss in the comments section below.


- Michael Vick is bruised but not broken, although he likely won't play for the rest of the preseason:

Vick is unlikely to play in the final two preseason games but will be ready for the opener, according to a source close to the situation. The Eagles play their third preseason game Friday against the Cleveland Browns and conclude the preseason Aug. 30 against the New York Jets.

- The Eagles' parts might be greater than the whole on defense, writes Jeff McLane:

If it wasn't a trend, the issues could be dismissed during this preseason.

- Andy Reid's sideline emotion might be revealing, writes Bob Ford:

But Reid has been around long enough to know what he doesn't like, and the growing feeling is that he doesn't like what he sees from his football team. The Eagles are 2-0 in the exhibition season, and they are a disorganized mess. It is a very sloppy football team, and those do not stay undefeated once the regular season begins.

- What really bothered the Eagles about Monday's game were penalties, and they didn't blame the flags on the officials throwing them: 

The flags elicited a litany of unflattering adjectives from the players, from "sloppy" to "undisciplined."


It is the Eagles' only practice before playing Cleveland on Friday. Andy Reid speaks around 10:45. Follow along for coverage all day on philly.com and for stories in Thursday's Inquirer.