Eagles hit new low

The Eagles didn’t have turnovers to blame, although they did have one.

They didn’t have penalties as an excuse, although the Eagles did finish with nine, a number of which were untimely.

There was no fourth quarter lead for the Eagles defense to choke up this time around. The only choking going on at Lincoln Financial Field that late was the stadium walkways overcrowded with fleeing Eagles fans that had to sit through another home defeat.


Did Sunday’s loss seal Andy Reid’s fate?

The Eagles could blame a number of unfortunate injuries to key players. But that would be overlooking the fact that they were healthy for the first half of the season, and that their opponent was decimated on defense.

No, blame for Sunday’s ghastly 38-20 loss to the New England Patriots falls on the shoulders of the Eagles’ coaches, players and front office. It was a team loss, as they say. And this team, despite the promise, the hype and the individual talent, is as dead as Thanksgiving turkey.