Eagles get two 7th round compensatory picks

The Eagles received two seventh-round compensatory picks for losing defensive end Jason Babin and safety Sean Jones to free agency last off-season, the NFL announced Friday.

The league compensatory calculation also takes into account the number of free agents a team signs. Last off-season, the Eagles signed three free agents: defensive back Marlin Jackson, wide receiver Hank Baskett and running back Mike Bell (restricted).

The Eagles now have ten selections for next month's draft. Here are the picks:

1st round – 23rd overall
2nd round – 54th overall
3rd round – 85th overall
4th round – 104th overall (from Washington)
4th round – 120th overall
5th round – 149th overall (from San Diego)
5th round – 153rd overall
7th round – 228th overall (from Seattle)
7th round – 236th overall (compensatory selection)
7th round – 239th overall (compensatory selection)