Eagles build playground in Kensington

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie helps paint a mural at John Moffett Elementary School.

Looking back at Wednesday, it was one of the busier days for Eagles news since the draft -- Michael Vick, Andy Reid and Jeffrey Lurie all met with reporters -- and we at the Inquirer caught up with Nate Allen on his rehab.

Unfortunately, somewhat lost in the mix was the Eagles big annual charity event, their playground build. Lurie and Eagles employees -- from Reid and Howie Roseman on down through the training staff -- joined with volunteers from the city's Mural Arts Program and the team's vendors to paint the walls and add play structures -- a slide and the like -- at John Moffet Elementary School in Kensington.

In the thick heat, Lurie, Reid and other coaches and staff painted walls bright colors. Others helped repair the grounds, with Howie Roseman pushing a wheel barrow at one point. Music blared.

This was the 15th playground build. The event started at public parks and then moved to schools "because that's where the kids are," said Sarah Martinez-Helfman, executive director of the Eagles Youth Partnership.

"Every kid deserves a safe place to play," said Martinez-Helfman. "We're trying to transform a physical space … we’re also trying to transform an interior space for the kids, for the faculty, a place where they can really feel proud of what they’ve got."

Normally the players would participate as well, and would be star attractions. None were there this year, though, because of the NFL lockout. "The players add a level of excitement, but if you look at the kids here, they are excited," Martinez-Helfman said.

It's not as provocative as the latest Plaxico Burress rumors, I know, but the event is worth mentioning.