Eagles-Titans rapid response

What it means: The Eagles are 4-3 and dropped back to the pack in the NFC just when it looked like they had a chance to beat a good opponent on the road and establish themselves as one of the top teams in the conference. A second consecutive win over a playoff contender would have made a big statement. Instead it's still hard to know what to make of the Eagles, even after seven games. At some point, inconsistency goes from a problem to address to the team identity. Kevin Kolb took a step backwards -- not the kind of performance that makes you think he can keep Michael Vick on the bench. He had one touchdown and two interceptions and underthrew open receivers on several big play opportunities. When the Eagles needed to drive and eat up clock late, they could not manage a first down.

Big moment: Momentum swung against the Eagles after they fumbled on a first and goal early in the third quarter. Up 16-7, they had a great chance to put the game away. Instead the Titans came back with a field goal. When Kenny Britt went for an 80-yard  touchdown and the Titans took the lead, you had a feeling the Eagles weren't coming back.

Big Britt: The Eagles had no answer for Britt, who had six catches for 199 yards in the second half alone. He routinely torched Ellis Hobbs and Nate Allen, even after it became clear that he was the main (and maybe only) target. On a day the Eagles contained Chris Johnson, they let the Rutgers alum destroy them.

What's next: The Eagles have to sit on this loss for a week and have to face the Colts when they come off their bye.