Eagles-Redskins Up-Down Drill

LANDOVER, Md. -- The lows and lows from the Eagles' 31-6 loss to the Redskins on Sunday:

Jeffrey Lurie

 His off-season decisions to retain Andy Reid and give Howie Roseman more authority have backfired on him. Lurie will have to fire Reid now to pacify an angry fan base. It’ll be the right move, but can the owner be trusted to hire a replacement?

Andy Reid

↓   We were about done picking on Big Red at this point, but then he had LeSean McCoy carrying the football down 25 points with less than two minutes left in the game. Lurie won’t likely fire Reid during the season, but he can’t be happy with his franchise running back getting a concussion during garbage time.

Nick Foles

↓   Hold the phone on the Cantonization of Foles. The rookie quarterback did not solve the Eagles’ problems, nor should he have been expected to. The team’s issues are far too great for anyone to fix. And Foles doesn’t appear anywhere near to being a consistent starter in the NFL.

Robert Griffin III

Wow. Now that’s a quarterback. It wasn’t so much Griffin’s dazzling runs that amazed, it was how he picked apart an Eagles secondary with just 15 pass attempts. The Redskins have plenty of issues, but they aren’t as screwed as the Eagles because they at least have a franchise quarterback.

DeSean Jackson/Jeremy Maclin

↓   The game plan called for high-percentage throws and lots of screens, but there is no excuse for the Eagles’ starting wide receivers finishing with a combined two catches for five yards. Jackson caught just two of nine targets and Maclin did not have a single reception. He was thrown to only three times all game.

Nate Allen

↓   When a defense allows a big play or a touchdown the blame can usually be sprinkled around. The same holds true for the Redskins’ first two touchdowns. But Nate Allen was directly responsible for not reacting fast enough on the first score and for once again biting on a play-fake that resulted in a long score in the second.

Brent Celek

↓   He’s been one of the few Eagles to stand up at his locker loss after loss and be held accountable. But Celek has just been making way too many errors during the six-game losing streak. The tight end’s two first-half dropped passes were killers.

Todd Bowles

↓   You have to wonder how good of a coach Bowles really is considering that he ended up with the Eagles in the offseason. He didn’t create this mess, but he’s done a rotten job trying to clean it up. It’s fair to say he regrets coming here.

Kurt Coleman

↓   The Eagles safety plays with a lot of fire, but effort accounts for only so much at this level. Coleman isn’t a starting NFL safety, so it’s difficult to criticize him for not being what he can’t be. Getting out-jumped by the 5-foot-10 Santana Moss for a 61-yard TD summed up his career to this point.

Bobby April

↓   There weren’t any major breakdowns on special teams – minor victory! – but how about the Eagles getting called for having 12 men on the field on the Redskins’ field goal attempt before the half? April just hasn’t been the coach he was billed as being.

LeSean McCoy

↓   A shook-up McCoy was spotted walking into the Eagles locker room after he suffered a fourth quarter concussion. Here’s hoping the team’s best player doesn’t have a significant head injury. His fumble before the half, though, showed that even McCoy isn’t immune to the ineffectiveness that has spread through the Birds.

Mychal Kendricks

↓   The linebacker has officially hit the rookie wall. There were signs Kendricks was breaking down earlier, but he just hasn’t been the same player he was in September. The angle he took on a Griffin run in the second half was forgettable. You got to wonder if he’s the stud linebacker everyone thought he could be.