Eagles-Panthers third quarter observations; McNabb rib injury

CHARLOTTE -- Third quarter observations from the Eagles-Panthers game:

-- Donovan McNabb blows. I can't believe he threw that interception to Jon Beason. Just kidding. Don did short arm a pass to Kevin Curtis, but at this point it will merely be a footnote in a game that will go down as an unqualified success for the Eagles.

-- Julius Peppers, who? Trent Cole is the best defensive end on the field today. He stopped DeAngelo Williams for a short gain and has been a force. And two plays later he got in Jake Delhomme's face, forcing the quarterback to throw another interception. This time Akeem Jordan picked off Delhomme.

-- McNabb takes one for the team and muscles his way for a 3-yard TD run. Eagles, 38-10. The Eagles quarterback, though, fell ackwardly and a Panthers player landed on his back. McNabb laid on the grass on his back for a while. The training staff and coach Andy Reid came out to check on No. 5. He finally rose and walked off the field without assistance, but it looked like he hurt his lower back. McNabb sat on the sideline bench, was looked at for a while and then walked off the field and into the locker room. He was reported to have a rib injury. His return was doubtful.

-- Kevin Kolb replaced McNabb on the next series. That left the Eagles with just one able-bodied QB. Michael Vick is suspended, as you may recall, the Eagles did not sign another signal caller after they cut A.J. Feeley. Oh, and they failed to designate a third quarterback. If Kolb goes down, too, our guess is that DeSean Jackson will take snaps in the Wildcat formation.

-- Delhomme is out and Josh McCown is in. The spattering of leftover Panthers fans erupt. McCown doesn't look much better and nearly throws another interception to Asante Samuel, who had the Eagles' fourth pick earlier.

-- Eagles fullback Leonard Weaver was in the locker room getting an IV treatment. No word on whether his return is immenent.