Eagles-Panthers four quarter observations

CHARLOTTE -- Fourth quarter observations from the Eagles-Panthers game:

-- Donovan McNabb has a rib injury. He went into the tunnel to get checked out and came back out several moments later still in his pads. He was walking around gingerly and eventually sat down. He went inside with about six minutes left.

-- Leonard Weaver returned from getting an IV treatment. The fullback ran 11 yards on a play out of the Wildcat formation late in the third quarter.

-- Trent Cole continues to dominate. The Eagles defensive end nearly had another sack when he pressured Josh McCown into another incomplete pass. Cole and Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown have to be the Eagles' defensive players of the game, and special mention has to go to coordinator Sean McDermott in his first for-live day on the job.

-- The Eagles scored a touchdown on offense, defense and special teams for the first time since Dec. 24, 1994 against the Cincinnati.

-- The Eagles' seven takeaways are the most since the 1999 season finale vs. St. Louis. The Eagles had seven that day, too. Their five interceptions are the most since they had five on Sept. 30, 1996 at Dallas.

-- Kevin Kolb, filling in for McNabb, hasn't looked too sharp. One thing can be said: He has played better than Carolina's quarterbacks.