Double take: Missing on Vick

As a reporter who prides himself on anticipating a story, it was quite a blow to miss on the scoop of the year so far.

I was not alone in overlooking Michael Vick's ability to overtake Kevin Kolb and turn into the second coming of Steve Young. In fact, I'm not even sure Vick knew he was capable of reaching such heights.

How was Vick underestimated? There was good reason. While he came into spring minicamp in phenomenal shape, Vick was still rusty from his two-season layoff from football. And that continued throughout the preseason.

Kolb was up and down, but you could see why the Eagles were willing to hand over the franchise to the Texan. When you asked someone knowledgeable about quarterbacks to assess Kolb, the appraisal was nearly always positive.

In these eyes there was no chance Vick would supplant Kolb. But that is exactly what happened.

Was it an innocent oversight or was there some unconscious bias at play? These questions must be asked. Unfortunately, there are no easy answers.