Donovan's state-of-the-team address

Donovan McNabb showed up for the first day of training camp this morning with a healthy right shoulder and an even healthier dose of confidence in his football team.

"We beat the Cowboys last year and we should have beaten them in the first game," the Eagles' quarterback said following the team's morning practice at Lehigh University. "The Redskins, we should have beat them in the first game. The Giants, we should have beat them both times. It's not just the teams in our conference, it's the teams in the NFC period. I feel like we can compete with all of them. If you ask those teams, they'll tell you the same. We have the type of team you have to look out for.

Donovan McNabb (Yong Kim / Daily News)

"Again, it all starts with me and then you go througout the whole offense. Every one knows who 36 (Brian Westbrook) is. It's not a secret. Just like on defense: everyone knows who No. 20 (Brian Dawkins) is. So we have the players, we just have to put it together."

As for the shoulder, McNabb looked fine throwing to an assortment of rookie receivers, including DeSean Jackson and said the tendinitis that forced the Eagles to shut him down during last month's spring camp was no longer a problem.

"I haven't had any reoccurence," he said. "I don't feel it now."