DeSean's return, Tecmo style

You've probably seen dozens of replays of DeSean Jackson's dramatic, game-winning punt return, but here's a unique look - Tecmo style.

If you don't know what I'm talking about, then the video that follows will seem pretty silly.

But if you were a football fan and owned a Nintendo in the early-90s, you probably remember Tecmo Bowl, a game beloved for its willful simplicity and cartoonish results:  great runners tossed tacklers across the field, while star defenders like Reggie White (in later versions that included the Eagles) and Lawrence Taylor were unblockable. Every play was either a crushing sack or massive offensive gain.

Jackson's game-breaking style fits in well in that dynamic, so someone has recreated his blazing punt return against the Giants, complete with FOX's play-by-play. Enjoy.

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