DeSean: 'hopefully everything will stay the same' for him and Vick in Philadelphia

"We know the contracts will come," DeSean Jackson said about him and Michael Vick. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

In light of DeSean Jackson and Michael Vick's remarkable connection, Jackson was asked today about the pair's future in Philadelphia.

"We’re looking for them contracts," Jackson said with a laugh. "We know the contracts will come. We're just so focused on playing right now and the better we do, the better it is for both of us."

Vick is in the last year of his deal, while Jackson, a second round draft pick in 2008, has in the past talked about getting a contract that better reflects his status as an elite wide receiver. He has avoided contract talk all season, though.


Which quarterback would you rather have?

Jackson and Vick have formed a stellar duo that could fuel the Eagles offensive attack for years, if they stay in Philadelphia.

"Right now it’s looking good, it really can’t get no better than that, but we’ll see how it turns out," Jackson said. "Hopefully everything will stay the same, but who knows how them things will turn out."

Jackson has thrived while playing with Vick. In part, that's because the quarterback's powerful arm lets Jackson take full advantage of his speed.

"In my career there hasn’t been too many quarterbacks that could really get the ball to me without me having to slow down or wait for the ball. He’s one of the few quarterbacks that’s ever put it out there and let me run and go get it, so anytime you have that, it just makes it a lot more easy, especially with my speed," Jackson said.