DeSean/Maclin tiff about who works harder

BETHLEHEM, Pa. -- It ends up being Jeremy Maclin and DeSean Jackson didn't have an argument Tuesday about who was the bigger star, as one reporter kiddingly asked Maclin.

It was about who was the harder worker, team sources said.

Maclin was asked Wednesday after practice if that was the impetus for the argument.

"It was nothing," he said. "It was nothing."

The day before, Maclin said it was just a "mix-up" that led to the spat that began at the end of practice and continued as they walked off the field together.

“It’s training camp," Maclin said Tuesday. "There’s no bad vibe between us two. We talked something out and that’s all it was. I don’t hate him, he doesn’t hate me. We’re still good. We’re still friends. There was a little mix-up and it’s all good now.”

Jackson hasn't spoken with reporters since the start of training camp.

The Eagles' starting wide receivers chatted with each other during breaks in Tuesday afternoon's special teams practice and again Wednesday.

One member of the Eagles' coaching staff said the dispute was a healthy one to have for two burgeoning players, and that it did not merit an intervention from coaches.