DeSean on predicting Vick would win: It was just a guess

DeSean Jackson said that he was just guessing when he predicted on ESPN that Michael Vick would win the Eagles quarterback competition. He said that Nick Foles is a good quarterback, as well. And he said that he would prefer if Chip Kelly chose a starter sooner rather than later, but that he ultimately was fine with a race that went down to the wire.

As for his hip-hop career, which included a recent video featuring Snoop-Dog (Lion), the Eagles wide receiver said that it was just something he was born to do.

"That's my other style," Jackson said Thursday after he reported to Eagles training camp. "That's something I like doing. I'm definitely a young kid, born and raised where I came from. So that's what's in me. Not to say I don't have a great time and fun having my Snoop in my videos and things like that. I'm really able to understand the business. It's definitely not an easy business to be in, just like football."

But for now, football pays the bills, and Jackson is entering a pivotal season in his career. He's entering the second year of the five-year contract he signed last March, but his salary is not guaranteed following this season. He recently fired his agent Drew Rosenhaus and hired Michael Vick's agent, Joel Segal.

Jackson needs to have a big year and it seemed like he believed Vick would be the best quarterback to aid his cause when he gave the nod to the veteran over Nick Foles, et al, when he was recently asked to choose a winner.

"Honestly, I just really took a guess," Jackson said. "Took an honest opinion that came from myself. We still have to go to practice and see what that's going to be like starting tomorrow. Competition level is great. I think we got four great quarterbacks that can all contribute to helping us win.

"At the end of the day, I say Vick's been here, he's going on 11 or 12 years and I just think he's accomplished some great things. He's mature ... since the situation happened with him coming out of jail."

Foles said earlier this week that he had no problem with Jackson's comments and that he thought the receiver would ultimately support whichever quarterback won the competition. Jackson was asked if he felt obligated to talk to Foles.

"I don't feel obligated at all, but definitely he's a good friend of mine," Jackson said. "He understands what I said, what I basically put out there. But Nick's a great player, nothing to take away from himself, never said anything bad about him."

In June, Jackson echoed a statement made by Vick that he preferred if the competition was sorted out as soon as possible. Kelly has said that he needs to see the quarterbacks under duress before he can make an informed decision.

"Honestly, it's really good to know, but if we don't, if it goes all the way down training camp and we just have to go around like that, then that's a part of our jobs, that's something we have to do," Jackson said.

Jackson was also asked if he believed he had a future in what is now just a part-time job as a rapper-record label owner.

"Maybe, you never know," he said. "We'll just see how it works."

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