DeSean: Media 'twisting my words up'

DeSean Jackson was not happy with the categorization of comments he made to ESPN about his effort last season.

The Eagles wide receiver wrote on Twitter that the "Media love twisting my ... words up .. An they always wondering why I don't wanna talk 2 [them]. .. That ... is un - professional."

(And, no, Jackson's tweet was not twisted up here. Certain words were left out for the sake of certain eyes on this family-read Web site.)

Jackson told ESPN's Lisa Salters during a pre-production interview before Monday night's game at New England that he let his unresolved contract situation affect his performance on the field.

"I let it get to me, even though I tried not to let it," Jackson said. "I was trying to protect myself from getting hurt - now I’m just giving it all."

There were several signs that Jackson was not giving a full effort last season. He short-armed two passes in November against the Patriots and was subsequently benched by Reid. Two weeks earlier, Jackson did not dress against the Arizona Cardinals because he missed a meeting the day before the game.

Even though Jackson’s numbers took a slight dip last season, the Eagles placed the franchise tag on the receiver in February. Two weeks later, they signed him to a five-year, $51 million contract with $17 million guaranteed.

Jackson, 25, told ESPN that he was “happy to finally get the contract. I felt with what I had done for the team, I deserved it.”

He caught four passes for 82 yards against the Patriots.