DeSean Jackson: 'Sky's the limit'

Philadelphia Eagles' DeSean Jackson speaks during a news conference at the team's NFL football training facility, Wednesday, April 3, 2013, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

It's common for players to emphasize their excitement when a new coach arrives -- it would be foolish for them to say otherwise -- but DeSean Jackson is one who could especially benefit from the hiring of Chip Kelly. Kelly wants speed and versatility on offense. That's what to expect from Jackson, a two-time Pro Bowler who finished last season on injured reserve and has not record a 1,000-yard season since 2010.

“I feel the sky’s the limit for myself," Jackson said Wednesday. "I think this year, with Chip coming in with the style of play of his offense, it’s really going to help me out a lot more as well. I’m going to be able to get certain looks, get the ball in my hand, do things I wasn’t doing the past five years. So that’s going to be an exciting time ofr myself. I’m going to have to be fully prepared, fully in shape, fully healthy.”

Jackson recovered from his fractured ribs during the first two months of the offseason and was not fully healthy until March. He maintained his conditioning, although he's now able to lift weights and will be a full participant in the offseason program.

He said teams were able to "key in" on him during the past two few seasons, and thinks Kelly can move him around in the offense to maximize his capitabilities. He also hopes to return punts "a little more than last year."

One person Jackson has spoken to about Kelly is Oregon's DeAnthony Thomas, who is from the same part of Los Angeles as Jackson. Expect Jackson to be used in similar ways to Thomas -- or at least Jackson hopes. 

"That offensive style was almost cheating," Jackson said. "He’s cheating, getting all these touchdowns, scoring all these points, doing all these crazy stuff, so I’m just excited to hopefully fit into that role.”