DeMeco Ryans' message to defense: 'Do your job'

DeMeco Ryans praised Todd Bowles and says he likes it when coaches are former players. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

DeMeco Ryans was brought to Philadelphia, in part, to be a leader on the defense. So after the Eagles lost two fourth-quarter leads and saw their coordinator fired, what did Ryans say to his defensive teammates?

"Do your job," Ryans said. "As players, that's what you do. You do your job. Don't overanalyze and try to do too much. Go out and do what they brought you here for. If every man does your job, there aren't any problems."

Ryans said Juan Castillo's decision was "Andy's decision," referencing coach Andy Reid. He said in-season moves don't surprise him anymore, and he tries not to pay too much attention to it. But he did praise Bowles and says he likes it when coaches are former players.

"Todd's always giving me pointers and keys of how he thinks offenses are going to attack us," Ryans said. "It's good having him in there, a former player, someone who's done it before."


Matt Tennant wasn't unemployed. The center was released by the Patriots on Saturday while the Patriots sought depth at other positions and said with the Eagles on Tuesday. Tennant was starting to meet players and learn the playbook on Wednesday.

"Everything is similar," Tennant said. "It's just the way they call it a little differently."

Tennant also does not anticipate a big adjustment learning offensive line coach Howard Mudd's requirements for an offensive line.

"I've done it before," Tennant said.