Dawkins On Favre

   Brian Dawkins was rather affable today in meeting with the media. He had some opinions on Shawn Andrews' holdout, which you can read in the paper tomorrow. And he had some interesting things to say about Green Bay quarterback Brett Favre's un-retirement.

  Dawkins was asked whether he thinks this entire episode somehow tarnishes the great career that Favre has had.

"I don't know if you can tarnish what he's done on the field," Dawkins said. "Off the field is a completely different issue. On the field, I don't know how you can tarnish that. I know when I line up to play against him, I won't be thinking about him holding out ... I will be thinking about making sure I have tight coverage on the guys when he's in the pocket or when he scrambles, because if I don't, he has a cannon to get the ball to the receivers. That's what I'll be thinking about."

Here's what I'm going to think about: how bad the Packers look for trying to bribe a future Hall of Famer with money to NOT play this season.