Damaris Johnson inactive, Eagles to use new punt returner

(Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

With a healthy roster, there was bound to be intriguing inactives against the Lions. Damaris Johnson and Jamar Chaney were two notable names. 

The official inactives are Johnson, Chaney, quarterback Trent Edwards, running back Dion Lewis, linebacker Jamar Chaney, offensive linemen Steve Vallos and Nate Menkin.

- Without Johnson, the Eagles need a new punt returner. DeSean Jackson might get some returns. Mardy Gilyard and Brandon Boykin would also be options. When asked about using Jackson on Friday. coach Andy Reid said "that’s not necessarily where I’m at right this moment.” Of course, "right this moment" did not mean 1 p.m. on Sunday.

- Riley Cooper is active for the first time this season. Look for Cooper to contribute as a receiver and a special teams player.

- Chaney went from starter to inactive, a tough slide for a player who has had an inconsistent season. Casey Matthews will be the first linebacker off the bench.

- Lewis was active last week, but is inactive this week. It seems either he or Chris Polk are the odd man out each week. Lewis didn't get any carries or receptions last week.

- Without Vallos, The Eagles go into a gam ewithout a backup center for the second consecutive week. Evan Mathis can play in an emergency situation.