Advice to my good friend Whitey: Stop getting these people all riled up for no good reason. The Eagles are playing the Cowboys Monday night and that's all the excitement they need right now.

Whitey, just so you know, is columnist Rich Hofmann from my second favorite newspaper in the city, and he really is a good friend.

This morning, however, he suggests that it could be bad for the Eagles if the NFL's billionaires -- that's the owners -- fail to figure out a way to appease the millionaires -- that's the players -- and the league is forced to play without a salary cap in 2010. Whitey says this could be a problem for the Eagles because they are now the lowest valued team in the NFC East, according to Forbes Magazine. They fell from fifth to seventh overall because the New York Giants and Jets are about to move into a new stadium and they play in a swamp that is part of the vast New York television market.

Even if the unthinkable happened and the NFL did open up the free-agent flood gates by allowing teams to spend whatever they wanted, it just wouldn't be the same as baseball. The Cowboys, Redskins and Giants could buy a team of Pro Bowlers if they want, but in this league it's often times better to have the young, unproven legs than the old, worn ones with a long list of honors.

Case in point: The Cowboys have seven-time Pro Bowler Zach Thomas right now. The Eagles have first-year starter Stewart Bradley. Who would you rather have?

Besides, the Eagles will continue to be among the top 10 franchises in value for a long, long time and as long as they rank that high, they should have enough money to bid for the best players even in an uncapped world.