The emcee at the Home Depot playground build in Tampa this morning cracked a joke that Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner couldn't take part as scheduled because he had a "pretty big" game he was getting ready for Sunday.

Brian Dawkins didn't even crack a smile.

The Eagles' safety admitted that it's difficult to be at the site of Super Bowl XLIII after losing to Warner's Cardinals in the NFC championship game 10 days ago, but he was a finalist for an award presented by Home Depot based on contributions in the community. The winner of the award was Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten.

Dawkins applauded Witten's recognition, then talked about his potential free-agent status and the future of the Eagles.

"I think we'll be able to get something done," Dawkins said when asked about getting a new contract from the Eagles. "That's what I'm hoping, so when that time comes and they finally decide it's time to start talking ... hopefully we'll get something done real quick."

The 35-year-old safety wouldn't reveal what kind of deal or even the number of years he's hoping to receive from the Eagles, but he did say that he expects this to be his final contract.

"Obviously there's a number in my head and my agent's head and when it comes time to talk, we'll talk about it," Dawkins said. "Hopefully, we'll be very close if not right on the same number."

As for the team's future, Dawkins believes the Eagles have the pieces in place right now to be a Super Bowl contender again next season.

"If you look at what we were able to do and the talent we have ... when Kevin (Curtis) got back healthy and 100 percent, you saw what we were able to do," Dawkins said. "Brian (Westbrook) was never healthy and that was a big hindrance to our offense. I think if the line is solidified and everybody is there protecting Donovan (McNabb) and allowing that running game to get going, I think that's a high-powered offense and it's going to be tough for teams to stop. I really do believe that.

"Absolutely you're always going to want to add good players to the puzzle, but do you absolutely need to add. I don't believe that. I think (the team) is in a good place with an if there. If everybody learns from this year and the mistakes that were made ... if everybody does that, both players and coaches, this will be a team to be reckoned with next year. I think we can push for the opportunity to play in the Super Bowl. The thing for coaches and players is we can't go into the offseason saying, 'We're fine and we'll be OK' and forget about some of the things that happened this past year."