Eagles safety Brian Dawkins shook his head in disbelief when the overblown subject of quarterback Donovan McNabb's ignorance about the overtime rules was raised this afternoon.

"To me, that's one of the most ridiculous things ...," Dawkins said. "If you ask cats in this locker room going into that game, did they know the overtime rules were as such, I'm pretty sure the majority of them would have said, 'No, we did not know that,' because it does not come up. We don't sit at the meeting before the game and say, 'Listen, this is what's going on if it's overtime.' It never comes up.

"What you're thinking in an overtime game is that we're going to get the ball and go down and score. It's never going to come to a second overtime. ... I've been a part of it where there was one and we tied with the Baltimore Ravens. I actually knew the rule because I was a part of it. Those guys weren't a part of it."

Dawkins' defense of McNabb lost some steam and logic momentarily after that.

"If we had won that game and he had said what he said, would it be a big deal now?" Dawkins asked the gathered media. "No, it wouldn't be a big deal if we had won that game. But because we lost the game, it's a huge deal and now Donovan is an idiot because he didn't know. ...  It's ridiculous."

Of course, McNabb would never have made his infamous disclousure if the Eagles had won because the game would have ended in overtime. It should also be noted that the Eagles did not lose, they tied.

Anyway, Dawkins' point was that too much is being made of McNabb's remarks and he has a point there because it didn't impact the outcome of the game. 

Dawkins said when the Eagles played to a 10-10 tie with the Ravens in 1997 that he actually didn't know the overtime rules.

"Call me an idiot," Dawkins said. "I was an idiot in 1997. We went through the first overtime and had another coin toss. I knew there was overtime, but we went through the overtime and had another coin toss. As a matter fact, I might be loopey right now," Dawkins said. "We might not have even played two overtimes. We'll have to go back and look, but from my vast memory ..."

There was only one overtime period in 1997, too.

"See that, now I'm an idiot because I thought we had two," Dawkins said. "I'm an idiot."