D-Jacc got stung

DeSean Jackson incited some back-and-forth with the Cowboys the week prior to last night's 34-14 debacle with his comments on Twitter ("We gonna sting they ass.") and on UStream ("Them boys are scared of me.")

The Eagles receiver, who finished with just three catches for 14 yards and one score, was asked about the trash talk.

"It's a competitive sport," he said. "It was the best I could do to try and rally up my boys and get them pumped up. They are just words. At the end of the day, you still have to compete and do everything you can to win. I feel like myself and my guys fought hard and did everything we could to try and get a win ... but we came up short."

In three games, Jackson was held to eight catches for 90 yards and just one touchdown.


There might not be a way to defend the Eagles defense after last night's horrendous performance. Honestly, the coaches and the players didn't put up much of a fight. They know they stunk.

"You got to give those guys credit," Eagles linebacker Jeremiah Trotter said. "They were the better team. If you get beat three times you got to take your hat off to them. They put a whooping on us last week and did the same thing to us this week. We have a lot to work on in the off-season to get better."

Said first-year defensive coordinator Sean McDermott:

"We ended up in the playoffs, but obviously if you don't win the Super Bowl it ends in a disappointing year. We faced some adversity this year, obviously, but I'm not going to sit here and say that I'm not disappointed in the outcome."

There is a question if the 33-year-old Trotter or a number of other players will return. Cornerback Sheldon Brown was asked if he thought that there were any significant changes that needed to be made.

"Probably," he said after a long sigh. "I believe that we are a better team than we showed today. ... I'm pretty sure I have faith and believe that they run the organization the right way, so they will analyze it and they will look at it and they will make the correct changes that need to be made."

Brown, who was involved in a contract squabble with the team's management, said that he wanted to come back to the team that drafted him eight years ago.

"This is the team that I gave all I have," he said. "I plan on being here. I'm under contract. I don't see it being any other way."

One player that will return is middle linebacker Stewart Bradley. When defensive coordinator Sean McDermott was asked about Bradley he broke out into a smile for the first time during the interview.

"We're excited to have him back," McDermott said. "Look at what we had on the field compared to what we started with. It is what it is."

McDermott was asked if the team needed to address the free safety position, the position that was left vacant when the beloved Brian Dawkins left via free agency. The combination of rookie Macho Harris, Sean Jones and Quintin Demps never seemed to get the job done.

"I think we lost some production this year at the safety position," McDermott said. "I would think that would need to improve next year."