Chip Kelly on the kickers, Matt Barkley, Henry Josey, Damaris Johnson, and more

Even after Cody Parkey hit two 50+ field goals on Thursday, Eagles coach Chip Kelly was not ready to name the rookie the team’s kicker this season. Parkey is competing with Alex Henery for the spot.

“I know you're going to ask that question, but we're not making any cuts right now,” Kelly said. “We'll go back, evaluate the tape, sit down and make decisions on everybody on our team.”

Kelly said he was impressed with Parkey. He wants to evaluate “the whole week.” He added that there was no set numbers of kicks they wanted from each kicker, but rather went as the game progressed.

**Matt Barkley finished 21 of 33 for 253 yards with one touchdowns and one interception. He also rushed for a score. Kelly said Barkley “did a nice job,” and that there was a clear difference from last preseason.

“He's not a rookie anymore,” Kelly said.  “He's been here for a year. He had a really good offseason program for us. …He makes some really good decisions in terms of putting the football on people, so he's way ahead of where he was last year at this time.  But I think hopefully that's expected.”

**Of all the undrafted free agents who spent the whole summer with the Eagles, no one impressed more than Henry Josey. Josey finished with 22 carries for 121 yards. During the preseason, Josey averaged 6.3 yards per carry.

“That's why it's a good team to come to if you're an undrafted free agent, you're going to get a lot of looks,” Kelly said. “I thought Henry made a good statement in the games he had a chance to get in there. He made plays.”

Kelly said Josey is still working on pass protection. But Kelly did not deny that Josey has had a “really productive camp.”

**Another player who has impressed is Damaris Johnson. With injuries at running back, Johnson played running back in addition to wide receiver. He finished with 69 rushing yards, 19 receiving yards, and averaged 17.3 yards per punt return.

“I think he made some really good plays,” Kelly said. “He's got some versatility. He got in there at running back and made good plays in there. He showed us the skills we know of as a returner. Made a couple big catches across the middle on some of those play passes when they were playing two deep, and we had to work the middle of the field, so I thought Damaris played well tonight and did a really nice job.”

**Chris Polk did not play because of a hamstring injury. Polk has not played in the preseason.

“That's unfortunate for Chris because I know how much he wants to be out there, but that's the game,” Kelly said. “He can't do anything about it. He's done everything he can from a rehab standpoint. It's not like he's not doing what he needs to do. He's done everything. I really feel for Chris because I know how much he wants to be out there.”

**Brad Smith did not play because the Eagles had seen enough of him. Same with Nolan Carroll.

**The Eagles used the pistol formation on Thursday. Kelly said this is not new, and that it allows them to rush the ball in either direction.

**Bennie Logan was the only starter that played. Logan missed the first preseason game, and Kelly said he needed reps.

“I think Bennie will be the first to tell you he needed snaps,” Kelly said. “Didn't play in the second half, but we wanted to get him some snaps in the first half. Of course at camp, he probably didn't have as many snaps as [Cedric Thornton] or [Fletcher Cox]. So I wouldn't read anything into it. It was just a matter of making sure we had enough of Bennie and Bennie came out of it healthy. So we'll build upon it from there.”