Chip Kelly jokes with team about NFC East crown after Week 5, addresses USC speculation

Eagles running back LeSean McCoy. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

Chip Kelly knows that if the Eagles win on Sunday and the Cowboys lose on Sunday, the Eagles will be first place in the NFC East. He even spoke to his team about it -- although not in the vein you might think.

"I called the league office and I wanted to find out when we get the trophy and when the trophy presentation would be," Kelly said. "And they got the same response; they started laughing, too, because it doesn't matter if you're in first place in the first week of October. What matters is, are you in first place after December 29?"

Kelly said this week's game against the Giants contributes to the record on Dec. 29, so the emphasis is just worry about this week. The ramifications could be felt down the road if the Eagles are tied with the Giants, and Kelly acknowledged as much. But he didn't want the team to worry about the transitive property of events.

"Let's focus on what we can control and what we can control is our preparation and getting ready for them," Kelly said. "If they did give us a trophy after this game, we would be really fired up for it, but yeah, I was told that's not going to happen."


Kelly shot down any speculation that he might be leaving for USC. Even though it was on speculation and Kelly had been adamant when he was hired that he wouldn't jump back to college, his name still gets floated with big jobs.

"I'm the head coach of the Philadelphia Eagles," Kelly said. "I'm very, very excited to be here and not entertaining anything like that. I'm here."



Safety Patrick Chung remains limited with a shoulder injury. Kelly does not have many details, nor does he seek them.

"Just tell me, is the guy going, is the guy not going?"  Kelly said. "If they clear him, he'll play. If they don't clear him, they're not going to play."

But it's late in the week, so Kelly must determine if there are enough reps on Friday and Saturday to catch him up. Kelly said if Chung is cleared, the question becomes is he better than the other options.

"The one thing about Pat is he's probably our most conscientious guy on the this team when it comes to the mental part of it," Kelly said. "Some guys when they're out, they drift a little bit. when pat's out, he's not mentally out."

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