Chip Kelly emphasizes he wants to coach Nick Foles

INDIANAPOLIS -- Whether the Eagles are trying to raise the price or are genuinely excited about Nick Foles, both coach Chip Kelly and general manager Howie Roseman were outspoken in their support for the second-year quarterback 

"I want to coach Nick and I want to get a chance to spend time with him and see him," Kelly said. "I’ve said it before, I was a big fan of his – the way he plays the game, his toughness, his ability to throw the ball very accurate. So hopefully I get a chance to get him out on the practice field and we can see what Nick has.”

Kelly also said there have not been any internal discussions about trading Foles. Foles has been linked to the Kansas City Chiefs, where Andy Reid coaches. Reid said Foles is a member of the Eagles, and noted that Roseman drafted Foles, too.

"He’s a young, talented player who didn’t even have a chance to play with all our front-line guys, our skill-position players," Roseman said. "He’s a talented guy. We just drafted him last year. It’s a different situation than in the past couple of years when we had quarterbacks. We like the player. We like a lot of things about the player. He’s a young player in the league. We’re trying to accumulate good players, we’re not in the business of getting rid of our good, young players.”

Some other quarterback notes...

**Kelly was non-committal about any changes at quarterback. The Eagles currently have Foles, Michael Vick, Trent Edwards, and Dennis Dixon at quarterback. Roseman did not closet the idea of adding another quarterback, and Kelly continues to say he needs to know the roster.

"I've never had the opportunity to work with them," Kelly said. "Last time I was with Dennis was 2007. I haven't had the chance to work with Michael or Nick. Saw Nick play in college. Never saw Trent Edwards in person. Spoken to all those guys on the phone, and that's just been an introductory, 'hey, how you doing, here's our schedule, look forward to meeting you.' I can't tell you what the future is going to be and who it's going to be. A lot of that has to do with who is on the practice field." 

**Roseman did not sound concerned about Vick's inconsistency, and the belief from the Eagles is that Vick's talent can be showcased under Kelly.

 “We saw the talent that Mike has," Roseman said. "Chip and our offensive staff had a chance to evaluate them. They saw that as well. They thought for some of the things they were looking for, Mike could do them really well.”