Chip Kelly: Quarterback reps will be 'same plan' as minicamp

Philadelphia Eagles quarterbacks, from left, Michael Vick, Matt Barkley, Dennis Dixon, G.J. Kinne, and Nick Foles drop back to pass during NFL football practice at the team's training facility, Tuesday, June 4, 2013, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

Chip Kelly said the Eagles will name a starter by the week of the opener, so there will not be a scenario in which the Eagles enter the week of the Washington Redskins game with a competition still taking place. The Eagles coach said after the team's first practice on Monday that Michael Vick and Nick Foles will continue to split first-team snaps like they did in minicamp.

"It's the same plan going in," Kelly said. "We have to get those guys reps and get them a chance to be evaluated in certain situations."

Kelly said they will split snaps until a starter emerges, and said the depth chart is written in "sand." Matt Barkley will also get a chance to get first-team snaps.

"Everyone in camp will get an opportunity to show us what their resume is, and your resume is what you put on tape every single day," Kelly said. "If someone continues to make plays and another guy continues not to make plays, then that guy's going to move up and the other guy is going to move down. There's nothing set in stone."

**Kelly's first practice wasn't much to watch. The numbers were limited -- it was rookies, quarterbacks, and James Casey and Jason Kelce. Music was not loud, and there were no team drills -- it was instruction for one hour.

"We knew we had to slow things down from a teaching standpoint," Kelly said. "We only had a couple kids at certain positions. ..Our plan as a coaching staff was to get out here for an hour, really technique oriented, get guys back and spend some time. Once you get to Friday, then all the sudden you're back into scheme and everything's happening. There's 90 guys running around. These young guys can use as much practice time as they can. We haven't been back out here since June, for the most part in shape, and ready to go."

**The two who weren't in shape were running back Matthew Tucker and punter Brad Wing. They did not pass the conditioning test and will take it in again on Friday. The test is a series of sprints, and it varies by position.

"If your goal in life is to play in the NFL, you need to get past the conditioning test to play in it," Kelly said. "Ball's in their court."

Kelly said the test is "the minimum standard," not "qualifying for the U.S. Olympic team."

- The Eagles will be in pads for the first time on Sunday.

- Jason Peters will not be disciplined by the team after drag racing charges during the offseason. Peters paid $656.50 on June 21 after drag racing charges from a week earlier were reduced to driving with improper equipment. Kelly labeled it a "speeding ticket."

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