Celebration or strategy? DeSean explains

DeSean Jackson took a circuitous route to the end zone on his game-winning punt return. (Ron Cortes/Staff Photographer)

DeSean Jackson weighed in today on the question of whether he was showboating or running out the clock as he pranced along the Giants goal line before going in for the winning score Sunday. In an interview on SportsCenter he said he was doing a bit of both -- making it clear that part of his goal was coming up with a spectacular celebration before he went into the end zone.

"I was trying to think about doing something crazy, but I just kind of kept it clean. I just wanted to make sure the clock was ran out and don't give them no time to go back out there and hopefully score on us," Jackson said. "I looked up and there was zero seconds left so I was like, 'let me see what else I have in mind.' But from there I just ran into the end zone, man."

The Inquirer's Jeff McLane raised the question this morning about Jackson's intentions, setting off a heated debate between those who believe it was a smart play designed to kill the clock, those who think it was showboating but fun, and those who just wish Jackson would have scored as safely as possible.

For the record, time had expired long before Jackson reached the goal line -- he was around the 20 when the clock hit 0:00. But, to be fair, it's quite possible he wouldn't have seen that right away as he sprinted away from the Giants.

In the ESPN interview, Jackson said it was still "almost unbelievable" to think about the incredible comeback.

"It was an awesome feeling being back there (for the punt), especially knowing there’s 14 seconds left and possibly if I take this back to the end zone the game could be over," Jackson said.

Dropping the ball "froze" the Giants, Jackson said.

"When I dropped the ball I tried to go right, and couldn’t go right, and I just looked back left and there was a huge crease and looked up and Jason Avant made a huge block," Jackson said. "That's something we love to do and go out there and make it look like video games."

As it happens, someone out there has, in fact, made a video game look like the Jackson return. We linked to it earlier today. We also detailed Avant's role in the big play.

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