Cary Williams reports to training camp two days early

The honeymoon is over. The dental work set. And the sconces have been picked out.

Cary Williams, who missed about three weeks of organized team activities in the spring, was among the first veteran Eagles players to report for training camp.

Defensive backs coach John Lovett said that the cornerback reported two days ago and was the first from his position group to arrive at the NovaCare Complex.

"I was in my office with [assistant defensive backs coach] Todd [Lyght] watching cut-ups and all of a sudden Cary walks in," Lovett said on Thursday. "I was like, 'What are you doing here?'"

Williams made some waves in May when he skipped OTAs. The workouts were voluntary. But some questioned the 28-year-old's commitment considering he was new to the team and the Chip Kelly-led Eagles were undergoing a makeover.

"I think he might have missed three weeks," Lovett said. "I wish he hadn't missed three weeks. He missed three weeks and he had a lot of things going on in his personal life that he had to take care of."

Williams got married in May, went on a honeymoon and missed the first week of OTAs. He wasn't present for workouts in April because he had dental work done and was building a new home. And then in late May, he missed the last OTA to attend his daughter's dance recital in Tennessee.

Lovett said the dental work was probably what kept him away most.

"He got implants put in," Lovett said. "So when you get an implant put in it's a little bit of a process. You get in put in and then it's got to post and sit, and then you got to wait and come back. He didn't want to be out here jostling it."

Williams was present for a three-day mandatory minicamp in June. When he showed up and was asked about his absences he defended his reasons for missing the workouts and stressed the importance he placed on his commitment to his wife and his family.

He also spoke about the building of his home, and perhaps with tongue in cheek, mentioned that he had sconces to pick out.

"He was probably just tired of dealing with all the questions," Lovett said. "And he just threw that out and everybody took it and ran with it."

Williams, fresh off a Super Bowl title with the Ravens, signed a three-year, $17 million contract with the Eagles in March. Lovett noted that Williams' season was much longer than all of his teammates.

"Did he miss some of the stuff? Yeah. Will he catch up? Yes," Lovett said. "He's a student of the game and he'll catch up and I expect him to have a very good year."

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