Cary Williams: 'I take pride in being there for my daughter'

Philadelphia Eagles cornerback Cary Williams. (Clem Murray/Staff Photographer)

Cary Williams' absence from OTAs last week was notable after he missed Friday's practice because of his daughter's dance recital. It came after previously missing time because of his wedding, the building of his home, and dental work.

Williams was honest and accountable for missing Friday's practice, and his reason made sense.

"I grew up a kid that didn’t have two parents in a household," Williams said. "I take pride in being there for my daughter."

Williams said players have no free time during the regular season, so this is when he can take care of personal matters. He said he'd understand criticism if he was getting in trouble, but all he was doing was going to his three-year daughter's recital.

“If I was a guy who had three kids with three different women, and I was a womanizer, you’d be reporting that. Now I’m a guy who wanted to see his girl’s recital and I’m a bad guy? Come on, man. I’m a guy who hasn’t gotten in trouble for years.”

Williams added that his career with the Ravens taught him how to prepare for a season. As he put it, "I know what it takes to be successful."

He will miss the Ravens' visit to the White House on Wednesday because of Eagles practice. Williams said the decision was made for him when the schedule came out, and coach Chip Kelly said neither Williams nor quarterback Dennis Dixon asked to attend.

Regarding the other reasons he was absent, specifically the home building, Williams said he needed to pick out his sconces and wood.

“You want me to do that during the season?” Williams asked.

The devil's advocate could offer that Williams has six weeks off before training camp for personal matters, but his point about life outside of football was valid. Williams insists he'll be ready for games and the season. But he has other interests and other responsibilities. 

“If I was doing something negative, then report it,” Williams said. “I’m just trying to be a great dad, be a great family man, trying to live my life outside of football and not be confined to a box.”