Buffalo looking for a QB

ORLANDO -- Who needs a quarterback?

There are a handful of NFL teams that fall into that category, although the list of potential suitors for one of the Eagles' three quarterbacks is seemingly drying up.

AFC coaches had breakfast today with the media at the NFL owners' meetings and a few coaches put their quarterback situation into perspective. (Eagles coach Andy Reid and the rest of his NFC brethen will chow and chat with reporters tomorrow.)

Buffalo coach Chan Gailey said that he is still on the market for another quarterback, even though he said that he has three -- Trent Edwards, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Brian Brohm -- that are capable of starting. A few enterprising reporters tap-danced around asking specifically about Donovan McNabb or Michael Vick -- the two Eagles quarterbacks most likely on the market -- knowing full well that Gailey wouldn't talk about players on another team's roster.  

Gailey was asked if he was approaching the near future as if there still might be a quarterback that isn't on his roster.

"Oh, sure," said Gailey, who was hired by the Bills earlier this year. "Oh, yeah. Sure we are."

Got any names?

"Yeah, you want them?"


Gailey laughed.

Does one have the initials "DM?"

Gailey laughed.

Uncomfortable silence.

"I think you got to look at the draft," Gailey continued. "I think you got to look at free agency. I think you got to look at trades."

So would you trade for a quarterback with the talent level of a Brett Favre (read: McNabb)?

"I don't know," Gailey said. "Maybe. That's hasn't come up, but could we? Yeah. ... You shouldn't do the deal unless they have an impact. Now how big depends on who it is, what he brings, what you can do with him. We're not looking to do anything that is not set and concrete, because when you don't have a proven starter you're open to every scenario."

Of course, even if the Bills and Eagles were willing to swing a deal for McNabb, he would have to OK the move. Vick, on the other hand, would probably play for the Afghanistan Taliban if he had a chance to start at quarterback.

Oakland coach Tom Cable said that he was open to adding another quarterback into his mix, but right now the Raiders' starting job will go to the winner of the competition between Bruce Gradkowski and JaMarcus Russell.

David Garrard is Jacksonville's starting quarterback, according to coach Jack Del Rio. And the Browns are no longer in search of a starter after they signed free agent Jake Delhomme.

That's about it in the AFC, right? We'll check with the NFC tomorrow.