Brett Brackett tries to survive a tight end pool that could become deeper

Eagles rookie Brett Brackett is fighting for a roster spot. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

BETHLEHEM, Pa. – While Brett Brackett caught passes from Michael Vick during the second day of training camp, the Eagles’ brass was mulling whether to add a veteran tight end. That could potentially complicate Brackett’s efforts to make the roster, although it doesn’t surprise Brackett that the Eagles are looking.

“That’s football; I think if we’re not doing that, there’s a problem with that,” Brackett said. “We’re trying to get the best guys on the field to come in and compete. There’s a really reason why we’re a pretty darn good NFL team.”

The Eagles’ depth chart includes Brent Celek as the clear starter with uncertainty behind him. Clay Harbor is a 2010 fourth-round pick who is still developing. Brackett was an undrafted rookie last year. Chase Ford is an undrafted rookie this year. The addition of a veteran such as Visanthe Shiancoe would seem to make long odds at securing a roster spot even more difficult for Brackett.

“My road’s not easy as it is,” Brackett said. “That’s a long way away. I’m just trying to work, and who knows what could happen from there?”

Brackett text messaged with close friend Pat Devlin, a former Penn State and Delaware quarterback who is with the Dolphins. Brackett and Devlin were both in Miami’s camp last season, when they started without the benefit of an offseason because of the NFL lockout. After Brackett spent weeks 10 to 17 with the Eagles’ practice squad last season and the entire offseason in the Eagles’ program, he and Devlin were able to agree how much easier the second year seems.

“Last year, you got thrown in, the day the lockout broke, you’re flying the next day, get the playbook and two days later you got to be knowing exactly what you’re doing,” Brackett said. “The offensive coordinators didn’t really care. They wanted you to perform and know your stuff. That’s challenging. The coaches here are really breaking it down, teaching it to you throughout the offseason. So at this point, it’s making sure you’re crisp and getting it right.”