Bradley and Ingram on the mend

Stewart Bradley and Cornelius Ingram may have been two of the more agreeable interview subjects I've had in recent years. I sat down with both last week to discuss their rehabilitation from torn ACLs suffered in training camp. Here's the Bradley story that was published Sunday as a result of our conversations. I had planned to do something on Ingram this week, but a certain quarterback was traded.

An Ingram story may have to wait with the draft fast arriving, but here's the gist: His recovery is coming along as well as Bradley's and he said he should be back by the season opener. I hope he makes a full recovery. Ingram has had a tough go recently, tearing the ACL in his left knee in August, 2008 and almost exactly a year later. He's honestly one of the nicest professional athletes I've ever been around.

The other interesting tidbit with Bradley and Ingram -- and I touched on it briefly in the Bradley story -- is the fast friendship they forged as rehab partners. Being around each other 24/7 made it almost a necessity, but they're both relatively easy-going fellas. That is unless the ultra-competitive Bradley was busting chops. Ingram compared Bradley's intensity to that of Tim Tebow, his former quarterback at Florida. He also compared the two in another way.

“I’m definitely not racist, but for two white guys they’re really, really athletic," Ingram said. "Really athletic. Like, for real. ... I probably would give an edge to Stewart."

Bradley, uh, appreciated the compliment.

"I guess that’s a good thing," Bradley said. "If you’re starter in the NFL I’d hope you’re much more athletic than the average guy walking around."

I posed to Bradley a training camp hypothetical: What happens when the team is in full pads, tackling to the ground, and Ingram is about to catch a ball over the middle? What are you going to do to your rehab buddy? 

“I got to give him the business," he said. "We have had many a conversation about when the pads come on in camp. It’s all in good fun.”

Just another thing to keep an eye on when the Eagles open camp at Lehigh in late July.