Banner on QB situation

The Eagles introduced Howie Roseman as their new general manager today, so it was no time like the present to ask about the quarterback situation.

That is, unless, you're asking Andy Reid. The Eagles coach, of course, doesn't talk about issues that he feels are unrelated to the gathering at hand, which in this case was the introduction of Roseman. Eagles president Joe Banner, however, offered some clarity (we say that sarcastically) on the McNabb-Kolb-Vick conundrum.

"Here's the reality on that, it sounds evasive, but it isn't," Banner said. "[After] we finished playing we all stayed here for a week and kind of finished the evaluation of the season. We all took a week off and then went to the Senior Bowl -- some of us went to the Senior Bowl, some of us didn't -- and we've literally been back one day. So we really have not had the meeting to start figuring this stuff out. Obviously we have to do that. ... Obviously we have to make a decision on what we're going to do. But at this moment I can tell you that we haven't even laid out a plan or sat down and even exchanged our different ideas or thoughts on that."

Yes, but didn't Reid say that McNabb was his quarterback for next year? Does that complicate the analysis?

"I think Andy's comment were unambiguous," Banner said. "I understand that it's still a valid ... question and I don't know if there's anything to clarify or add to what he said. He's the decision-maker. He's the spokesperson. I think he was clear."

All three quarterbacks have just one year remaining on their contracts. McNabb said earlier this week that he wouldn't pursue an extension, although  it would seem unlikely that he would want to go into the season without more security.

"Tom Brady is doing it, Peyton Manning has done it twice," Banner said. "Peyton Manning actually played on the last year of his contract and part of the year on a franchise tag. No, that wouldn't be unusual.

"We do have to make a decision on this and the decision could be anything from the status quo to some change. I think Andy's comment speaks very clearly for where we're at as it relates to Donovan. There's no point in me trying to eleborate on it."

The Eagles have 11 players that are either on the last year of their contract or are unrestricted free agents. There's also the complication that could arise if there is no agreement on a new collective bargaining agreement.

Banner was also asked about Brian Westbrook's status, but you can just copy and paste his response to the quarterback question and place it right about ... here. The Eagles haven't made any personnel decisions in regards to their current roster.