Banner defends Mayor Nutter

Eagles president Joe Banner responded to criticism of Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter over the decision to postpone Sunday night's Eagles-Vikings game with the following statement:

“People are free to have their opinions on whether or not last night’s Eagles game should have been postponed.  That decision was ultimately made by the NFL. Any criticism of the Mayor, who was not involved in this decision, is completely unfair.”

Nutter has come under attack from various outlets over the decision to push the game back two days to Tuesday because of the snowstorm that hit the Philadelphia region. Officially, 12.4 inches of snow was recorded at Philadelphia Airport. Nutter declared a state of emergency on Sunday at 2 p.m.

The NFL postponed the game, however, citing public safety.

Several Eagles voiced their disdain for the decision on Twitter. Many fans went to the radio airwaves and Internet message boards to complain about the postponement. And a number of media pundits have criticized decision, the league and Nutter.