Banner Reacts to Westbrook Deal

The Eagles and running back Brian Westbrook have agreed to terms on a new deal. (David Maialetti/Daily News)

   Calling it "by far," the most complicated contract he has negotiated in his term with the Eagles, team vice-president Joe Banner said last night before the game that Brian Westbrook's additional $13 million added to his existing contract could see the deal be as short as three year or as long as six years in actual length.
  The deal begins this season and won't impact on the Eagles' salary cap in 2008 but will impact future years.
  There were 52 pages of addendums, Banner said.
  "It's a complicated deal with extension years, potential voided years, and escalators and everything that I've ever seen in this deal," Banner said. "It will appear as a six-year deal but there are a lot of situations where it could end up being as short as three, it could be four,it could five or six. There's a lot of different variables that could trigger that."
  Banner said it was important to shown people that certain core players who outperform their contract will be rewarded.
 "The last time we did a contract right before a game in pre-season was the Hall of Fame game when we did Brian Dawkins," Banner said. "I think of him as the same Hall of Fame caliber player and I fell like I'm standing up again right before a pre-season game ... with a premier guy, a leader, a player ... He just wants to win so badly."
  Banner said he was impressed that neither Westbrook nor his agent, Todd France, ever used negative tactics to get a new deal and never threatened the club in any way.
  As for whether this send a positive message to the dressing room for other players, Banner said, this kind of contract tends to be rather "individual" and that "messages are kinda lost in the shuffle most of the time."
 "But I do think Brian is a player who is highly respect in the lockerroom as a person and player and I think the team knowing he has been taken care of and that he has peace of mind that he can approach the season with one focus ..."