Babin calls Bears blocking dirty

Jason Babin wasn't happy with the Bears' tactics. (Tom Gannam/AP Photo)

Defensive end Jason Babin ripped the Bears and offensive coordinator Mike Martz today, saying the team used a dangerous block to take him out on a play early Monday.

"I'd assumed (Bears coach) Lovie Smith has enough professionalism to not do something like that," Babin said.

Babin didn't realize what happened at first, but said he saw it on tape and got texts from friends around the league calling it a dirty play. According to Babin, he was blocked on the snap by tight end Kellen Davis, who came in motion to deliver a big hit from the side.

"I saw it on tape and was like, 'wow, they did that?'"

"It was definitely an intentionally called play," Babin said today. "Technically, no, it’s not illegal, but if you look at the rules of a defenseless player, obviously I’m defenseless."

Babin said the Eagles have raised the issue with the league.

"These guys here have brought it to Roger’s attention. I don’t think anything has come of it yet. But if everything is about safety and protecting players, that should definitely fall under the safety rules and regulations," he said, presumably referring to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

Babin said he took the extra attention as a compliment. "I don’t want the compliment," he laughed.


Defensive coordinator Juan Castillo said Jaiquawn Jarrett has taken all of the first team snaps in practice this week, indicating that Jarrett would get the start if Nate Allen (concussion) isn't ready Sunday.

"He’s been working hard and he’s a physical guy. That’s one thing that you did see this past week, there’s a physical presence there. The more reps that he’ll get the more comfortable he’ll feel and it’s more about being comfortable than anything else," Castillo said of Jarrett, the second round pick who had not played at all at safety until Allen got hurt Monday.

"He had a solid game," Castillo said. "We all know that he’s a physical guy, he’s a good tackler, just the thing is just getting comfortable being in there playing."

Castillo sounded confident in playing Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie at nickel, despite the defensive back's struggles against the Bears.

"We knew it was going to take a little bit of time, but we know he has that kind of ability. We know in time he’ll be the best nickel guy there is just because he has that kind of ability. But does it take a little bit of time? Yes," Castillo said.

The Eagles don't have much more time to spare.


Offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg declined to comment on plans for his son, Skyler, a high school senior quarterback who has made a verbal commitment to Penn State. Mornhinweg said his son had advised him not to comment on the situation.

"I'm sure he'll come out and speak one of these days, I think it’ll be quite awhile, so we’ll see," Mornhinewg said. "There’s some things going on more important than what we’re talking about here."