Anquan Boldin had 11 touchdowns in just 12 games last season for the Cardinals. (Jeff Chiu/AP file photo)

Here's some free advice for the Eagles and coach Andy Reid: Make the deal for Anquan Boldin.

If it takes one of your first-round picks and a third-rounder, do it.

Here's why: Donovan McNabb.

Whatever happens in next weekend's draft won't matter one bit if McNabb doesn't think what the team has done this offseason has upgraded the potential success for the offense in general and the quarterback in particular.

We've all listened to McNabb talk about rookies before. He insists that they should not be counted upon to do great things, which is another way of saying he'll only trust them once they have proven they can be trusted.

McNabb knows that Boldin can be trusted. He can look at the 28-year-old receiver's track record and know that he is going to produce.

Some people might argue that Boldin is only good because he plays on the same team as Larry Fitzgerald, who is arguably the best receiver in the NFL right now. But if you examine Boldin's history, you'll see that one of his best seasons -- 101 catches for 1,377 yards and 8 TDs -- was in his rookie year of 2003 when Fitzgerald was still playing at Pitt.

Boldin, at 6-foot-1 and 217 pounds, would give the Eagles a big receiver who has proven he can score touchdowns. He had 11 TDs last season in just 12 games. The Eagles' receivers had a combined 10 TD catches last season and they haven't had a receiver with double-digit TD catches since Terrell Owens' departure.

The reason Boldin should be the Eagles' primary target instead of Chad Ochocinco or  Braylon Edwards is simple. Boldin is less volatile and more reliable than the other two. Boldin is the kind of guy McNabb would love having on his side, which is why the Eagles need to make this happen.

An unhappy McNabb would probably doom this Eagles season even before it started.