Asante talks 'fantasy,' other Inky awards

Every week we put together our Inky Awards to note the best, worst, odds and ends of each Eagles game. Here are the Inky's for the Eagles 34-7 win over the Cowboys:

Best Player: We’re just going to retire this award, or rename it the Shady until further notice. LeSean McCoy was once again the most indispensible Eagle. He carried for another career high 30 times (beating the 28 runs last week), and a career-high 185 yards, topping the 149 he put up against Dallas last year. That's a 6.2 yard per carry average. Baller, beast, whatever you call him, right now he’s the best.

Best Quote: After accusing the Eagles front office of playing “fantasy football,” we hoped Asante Samuel would have something good Sunday. He didn’t disappoint. “I hope you put Eagles for your fantasy team this week ... we’ll stack you up some points. You gotta listen to me.”

Best Analysis by a Player: Trevor Laws: "Sitting here after we played a game like this, it’s like, 'how in the world did we lose those games at the beginning of the year?' It makes no sense to me."

Most Obvious Analysis by a Coach: "Turnovers, bad things. Prevents you from scoring points," said offensive coordinator Marty Mornhinweg. Yup, that about sums it up.

Best Throw: Michael Vick threw a laser to Jason Avant that sizzled in between three defenders and into the receivers’ chest to set up the Eagles’ third touchdown.

Least Exciting Return: There was a bit of pre-game buzz when backup running back Dion Lewis was inactive and Ronnie Brown was set to play and return kicks, shortly after the Eagles tried to ship him out of town. Turned out Brown didn’t have much to do: one kick return, one touchback, one run.

Best Performance in a Losing Cause: Despite playing on a team that gave up 34 points, DeMarcus Ware was a force Sunday. Guy had 11 tackles (10 solo), four sacks and a forced fumble. That is a monster day.

Worst celebration: It’s about the only thing that went wrong for the Eagles. After the defense thwarted Dallas last-gasp chance at rallying with a stop on fourth and goal, Nnamdi Asomugha ran to the sidelines to celebrate. Players were chest-thumping each other when Juan Castillo attempted to jump into the cornerback. The defensive coordinator got off the ground but couldn’t land the leap after he bumped Asomugha. Castillo fell on his butt, but bounced back up and jumped into another defender.

Best coaching decisions: They were kind of no-brainer calls, but Andy Reid should be mentioned for his two successful challenges. When he gets them wrong he hears it, so it’s time to applaud the coach. Reid overturned a long pass to Dallas receiver Laurent Robinson, who made an acrobatic catch but stepped out of bounds before the reception. And Reid later had a call reversed when a screen pass from Vick to DeSean Jackson was ruled a forward pass and not a fumble.