Andy's defense?

Assistant coach Sean McDermott oversaw the defense's workouts at Eagles minicamp this afternoon. (David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The Eagles open a rookie camp this morning with local good guy Sean McDermott standing in for Jim Johnson as the defensive coordinator. The hope and prayers here are that legendary good guy Johnson returns soon having conquered cancer.

The possibility exists, however, that McDermott will be the Eagles' defensive coordinator in 2009. During a lengthy conversation with Ike Reese, the former Eagles linebacker and current 610 WIP host raised some interesting points about the prospect of somebody other than Johnson working as the team's defensive coordinator.

This was Reese's most interesting point: "Andy has always trusted Jim with doing it. He had the luxury of trusting Jim's experience. There's nobody coaching the defense now that gives him that luxury. That means Andy is going to have more of a role with the defense. There's automatically more on his plate. To what degree, I don't know."

In the past, the Eagles have really been two separate entities working harmoniously for the same goal. The defense belonged to Johnson. The offense was run by Reid and Marty Mornhinweg. Johnson chose when to dial up the blitzes and he always had Reid's trust that he was making the right call. Will McDermott inherit that same trust from the head coach?

"I think Andy will have more input," Reese said. "Will Andy have that itch late in the game to bring the heat and tell him to blitz? He didn't have to do that with Jim Johnson. It's going to be interesting."