Andy Reid: Resigning 'would be a cop out'

Eagles coach Andy Reid said Monday that there is not a scenario in which he would resign as head coach.

"I'm standing in front of the team and saying these are the things we need to do, one of which is we need to battle," Reid said. "I think [resigning] would be a cop out. That's not how I see things. That's now how I'm wired. I'm not going to tell them one thing and do the other."

At 3-7 and with a six-game losing streak, Reid acknowledged that the Eagles "are letting the fans down, letting the city down." He said he knows how the fans and city feel and would not make excuses for the record. He pointed to turnovers on offense and big plays on defense as a reason for the team's continued losing ways.


Should Andy Reid “cop out” and step down?

"You control what you can control," Reid said. "That's getting better as a football team. That's what my emphasis is. Become a better coach, make sure I'm putting my guys in the right position to make plays, make sure my staff is doing the right things there. That's where all my emphasis is and I don't put my emphasis past that."

Reid also relayed the disappointment level from team owner Jeffrey Lurie, who has not spoken publicly about Reid's status since the preseason.

"He's a competitive guy. Nobody wants to win more than Jeffrey," Reid said. "He's disappointed. I'll tell you that. Rightly so. He feels the same way we do, that we're letting people down in this city."